Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flying Food Group Voluntarily Recalls Expired Protein Bistro Boxes Because Of Possible Health Risk

Justin's Nut Butter expanded voluntary recall of its 0.5 oz single-serve Honey Peanut Butter squeeze packs, Flying Food Group, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is initiating a voluntary recall of Starbucks brand Protein Bistro Box with Enjoy By dates 8/10/12 - 10/06/12 which contain the above named peanut butter product. The recalled peanut butter squeeze packs contained in the Protein Bistro Boxes.

Peanuts associated with the Sunland, Inc. recall were used in the production of certain lots of Justin's Honey Peanut Butter squeeze pack product and have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

The recalled product was distributed solely to Starbucks retail stores in Texas, Arizona and other states from 8/8/12 to 10/4/12.

The Protein Bistro Box product is in a clear plastic container, with a white code date sticker on the bottom of the container, stating "Enjoy by" followed by the date in the following format: M (Month) DD (Date), for example, 08 08 standing for August 8th. The recalled Justin's single-serve Honey Peanut Butter pouches are included inside the Protein Bistro Boxes and are fully labeled with the Justin's brand and sealed. The individual pouches are dated stamped at the bottom of the pouch.

For complete information on this recall visit the FDA website.

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